Speed matters when it comes to delivering critical IT infrastructure. And like any specialized trade, the tools you use directly affect your finished product. 

For those who turn to HPE for IT solutions, many useful tools exist including online configuration guides and definitive data sheets such QuickSpecs. 

Many leading Partners use OCA, One Configuration Advanced, as the main tool in their arsenal. While OCA is the preferred method to get validated configurations and part numbers quickly, it does have it’s limitations and presents a few pain points.

Limitations of OCA

Whether you use the quoting tool on your own or have a distributor use OCA on your behalf, OCA lacks real-time market availability of the parts that make up a given solution. 

Procurement staff and project managers, who have an excellent solution-seeking mindset, are dead-set on getting a project delivered on-site – and why not? The faster it arrives, the happier the customer. But, here’s what we typically see with OCA:

  1. You find the perfect config and list of parts using the tool ?
  2. The project approved by a customer ?
  3. Inside sales staff, procurement, and finance working in unison ?
  4. Then…you find out the product is not available when you thought it would be ?

Reality check: the build of materials selected in OCA is also being broadcasted to thousands of other resellers across the country. This causes back orders, lead times and headaches for your customers. 

Avoiding the Frustrations

In our experience servicing hundreds of HPE Partners each week, we find that over 80% of back orders are avoidable ahead of time by knowing the current market availability of products. Makes sense, right? But how?

B2X Global is a unique class of authorized distributor that has access to a powerful and separate channel of supply – specifically, the PointNext business unit of HPE, which handles mission critical support.  

Because this channel is completely unique from the traditional and broadline distribution, many resellers are surprised to learn that the products holding up their projects are often available to ship through PointNext and it’s network of authorized distributors.

B2X is HPE’s leading choice of Parts Distributors in North America. Connect with us to access this unique channel and start experiencing better outcomes.

Josh Monina

Josh Monina


Having joined B2X Global in the company's early years, Josh is integral to the way B2X delivers value to clients. By leveraging his expansive product knowledge, Josh elevates the sales team to go beyond fulfillment: He leads the design of comprehensive solutions based on each customer's individual needs. Over the past five years, Josh has taken great pride in shaping B2X’s customer-centric experience.

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