MSP Fixes Storage Issue with Ease

It’s a story every MSP (Managed Service Provider) has seen play out – if not once, then on a never-ending Groundhog Day loop:

Your mid-sized client needs more storage.

Just like almost every business in 2020, the amount of electronic data they produce and consume each day is sky-high.

You want to help them harness this data and put it to use a.s.a.p., so they can improve their operations. But, first things first: Assess their existing environment, and then devise a plan to add new storage to their current state.


One long-established HPE reseller based out of Fargo, ND, faced this exact situation last week. In a story with a premise we all know so well, Scott Schafer, the owner of S&L Computer Services, was ready to upgrade his customer’s storage.

The end user owned an HPE ML350 Gen9 that the reseller, S&L, helped deploy a few years prior. When on-site, Scott’s technician discovered there weren’t enough empty hard drive bays to expand the storage as desired.  However, he knew that all HPE servers can flexibly expand and scale with growing requirements.

But he also knew that this often includes adding multiple important components to the machine, so it can handle the more complicated storage set-up.


Here’s the truth: Upgrading servers in the field should be a simple enough task for an IT professional to complete. HPE provides in-depth documentation (through QuickSpecs) and a legendary part-numbering system that allows you to be 100% correct, even without going on-site. This way, you encounter no surprises when the products arrive for install.

Here’s another truth: Manufacturer documentation and the corresponding multilayered part-numbering system is a language of its own. QuickSpecs are complicated. They cross-reference other (sometimes unavailable) documents. They’re updated frequently and eventually have 30+ revisions that conflict with one another. [View our video guide to mastering QuickSpecs.]

Instead of spending the next few hours in deep research, confirming controller cards and cables, Scott did the smart thing and leveraged his tools. He reached out to Mauricio Orozco, his iPBM with HPE, who specializes in connecting Scott with the right resources.

Mauricio’s actions were quick and confident. He forwarded Scott’s request to HPE’s Preferred Replacement Parts Distributor, B2X Global, with ninja-level pre-sales support and dedicated inventory for this exact type of “field upgrade” project.


Enter Sergio Pliego, a Technical Account Manager for B2X Global. He receives Scott’s description of the current set-up and desired future state.

Less than one hour later, Scott and Mauricio received a reply that included a PDF quote for all the components needed.

Additionally, Sergio explained how Scott’s team needed to modify the current server to accommodate the new components. He also confirmed how much storage was requested and quoted the appropriate disk drives to complete the mission.

Scott responds with “Thanks for getting this done!!” and quickly presented the quote to his customer. The next morning, S&L received its customer’s order. Our story ends quickly, as Scott’s new account set-up with B2X was a 10-minute process via an automated online form.

 Scott responds with “Thanks for getting this done!!” and quickly presented the quote to his customer.

Once submitted, Sergio’s team expedited Scott’s order, and 24 hours later, all the equipment was in one box, heading to the end user’s location. Since B2X had already validated the upgrade, the installation could be performed by S&L technicians without issue. Now, the customer has the expansive storage pool they were seeking.


How much time elapsed between the request and the result:

  • Validated quoted = 57 minutes
  • Order placed by Partner = 1 day
  • Complete solution ships out = 2 days
  • Partner is able to invoice their customer = 4 days

Are your customers upgrading their HPE environments, and could you use a distributor that…

  • Designs and validates at no cost?
  • Keeps all the products you need in stock?
  • Provides instant discounts on all storage products?

If so, send our team your requirements and with the time you save, go get yourself a ham sandwich. You work hard, and you deserve it.

B2X Global

B2X Global


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