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Our valued customer ConRes was competing on a bid requiring 200 units of 128GB LR DIMMs for a Federal Contractor. They were for HPE machines but the kicker to this was that the OEM for the DIMMs had to be SK Hynix. With a long-standing partnership with B2X, they relied on our unique ability to leverage the Pointnext Channel. B2X excels in managing components, enabling us to achieve unbeatable pricing and meet specific requests for customers.


B2X was able to show its unique prowess in leveraging HPE's Pointnext team to procure the required SK-Hynix specific DIMMs. During the bidding process, we were able to improve pricing three times, achieving a remarkable 25% enhancement over our initial quote. Despite strong competition, we maintained competitive pricing, highlighting our exceptional ability to utilize the HPE RPB channel and helped our reseller win the bid. This achievement underscores B2X's commitment to tailored solutions, cost-efficiency, and competitive excellence.

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